Nic Chapman

I began looking through my Grandads photographs and slides when I was a child, I remember there being boxes and boxes of them and being told stories about how he would make his family stand posing for ages while he got the shot right. His Photographs were wonderful and I loved them. I think this is where my love for Photography started.

To this day a photo he took of three of his daughters still stands as one of my favorite images, its a photo of them eating the biggest easter eggs, an image of how people looked and will never look again. I have it framed in my home.

The Photographer in me can’t help but take pictures, watch people and super appreciate light. I can’t think of a day when I am not planning what I am going to do next. I am obsessed by faces, groups of people and, basically, things I find interesting.


if you are interested in me photographing you, send me a message or call me. 

i have a studio in todmorden and shoot on location.

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